Clear Creative, technical and creative illustration services

There are many ways to visually depict an object or piece of information, one is by using an illustrator to create an illustration for you. At Clear Creative we have illustrators who draw in many styles from cartoons to exploding technical illustrations.

We use a variety of techniques for illustration. We can produce traditional hand drawn media using magic markers, inks and crayons to digitally produced Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop illustration via the use of Wacom graphic tablets.

Our digital illustration is normally produced in programmes such as Adobe Illustrator for vectors and Adobe Photoshop for bitmapped imagery – the beauty of this is that we layer files and can easily manipulate them – something that is difficult using the traditional methods.

All Clear Creative’s illustrators are time served artisans who can illustrate in many styles. Our illustrators have even been featured in Computer Arts and Digit Magazine. Our illustrative work for clients is wide ranging – if you have an illustration project let us illustrate your point!