Professional proofreading services from Clear Creative

Poor spelling and grammar can put off many a potential client. Clear Creative offer a proofreading service to customers who require their copy to be checked. Our proofreaders are used by the UK’s publishing industry and will proofread material ranging from a simple statement to a product brochure or website.

In the day and age of ‘mobile text speak’ the English language has taken a back seat as standards of grammar and the written word have dropped. At Clear Creative we believe in high standards of design and written content therefore we offer the option of proofreading to our customers.

We check for correct terminology, type errors, spelling, capitalisation, punctuation and grammar.

Our proofreading services can supplement our copywriting services or client supplied copy. Clear Creative’s proofreaders employ industry standard quoting marks that publishers understand.

Want some proof about our proofreading services?
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