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We Don’t Just Do Digital

Many design companies just do digital – it is all they can do. By digital we mean websites, email marketing, SEO, PPC and social media. In fact, the market place is saturated with digital design agencies that will badge a website template with your logo, shoe horn your product images and populate social media sites and promise to get you ranked on page 1 of Google with keyword dense copy that usually misses the point.
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Professional Website Design Company in Manchester

Clear Creative are an experienced web design company in Manchester, producing high end Ecommerce platforms, whether that is a backend database system or great graphical front end. From our base in Bury, Manchester we have been designing and creating websites for clients throughout the United Kingdom.
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Free pitching – is it a free meal?

Last night I went to my local restaurant and asked the chef to serve me all the dishes on his menu. I decided I liked one of his dishes and went home informing I would call him later to discuss which if any I would want to pay for.
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Microsoft issues the end of IE6

Microsoft has been keen to kill off the old version of their browser and persuade users to move to IE8 or 9. IE6 (Internet Explorer 6) usage has now officially dropped below 1%.
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